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Available for Sale - Models

Please note that all models offered are from various private

collections.  Several are physically in our work shop now.

(Shown to the right are various photos. Click on a photo to see

larger images. Please note this page may change regularly depending

on the availability of different models. Prices will run anywhere

from $200 and up. Scales of models will range anywhere from 1:43

to 1:4 scale. See below for information on ordering.)

(photos 1 - 9)

1958 Maserati 3500 GT

1:10 scale by Michele Conti, made in Italy

Completely scratch built one-of-a-kind model by one of the best of the

old guard of model makers.

About Michele Conti:

In the early 1950’s Conti gained his full scale training as an apprentice

at the well known body manufacturer, Stabilimenti Farina, which

employed craftsmen who created shapes principally by hand. His

father was also employed there as a specialist in assembling doors,

hoods, and trunks of cars. When Stabilimenti Farina closed their doors

in 1953, Michele along with his father was immediately hired by

Pininfarina. It was at this juncture, during his free time and evenings,

that he started what would eventually become his future full time

career of building custom, scale automobile models. Because of his

reputation, craftsmanship, and dedication to realism, many of the auto

manufacturers entrusted Michele with actual factory drawings from

which to build his creations.

His early models were made from wood, which then evolved into

aluminum, and then copper and brass. Ultimately, he used similar

materials to those used in the construction of the full scale cars, in

order to recreate the realism of the original cars. The bodywork was

shaped over a scale wooden body buck, the interiors were reproduced

in upholstery materials, including leather, and the tires were cast from

rubber from miniature molds he made of the originals. Over the years,

countless articles on Michele Conti and his miniatures have appeared

in automobile magazines around the world. He passed away in 1996.

On May 18, 2003 , Michele Conti’s achievements were formally

recognized at the 2003 Reading Ferrari Concours d’Elegance. His son,

the late Maurizio Conti was in attendance to posthumously accept the

‘Enzo Ferrari Hall Of Fame Award’ for his late father.

About the model:

This is the one and only Maserati 3500 GT he ever produced, it is 1 of

1, and was originally built for a Mr. Gradrero, the owner of the car.

Those combined factors along with its overall striking good looks

make this a most desirable model. The beautiful metallic paint finish

shows a little of its age as is expected with a piece over 50 years old,

but this piece truly wears its patina very well.  As with many Conti

models, this Maserati incorporates great detail along with working

features: Opening doors, hood and trunk - both the hood and trunk lid

have hinged prop rods. The spare tire which is mounted on a wire

wheel can be found by rolling back the leather floor covering over it.

Upon opening either door you will find a fully detailed interior with

carpeted floors, hand stitched leather seats and door panels, white head

liner and tinted sun-visors, and much more.

Price:  Please inquire.

The model comes mounted to its original wood base with engraved

plaque as shown. Also included is its build certificate, and a large

wood case for transport.

(photos 10 - 18)

1927 Fiat 806 Corsa GP. - 1:12 scale

Grand Prix of Monza Winner 1927, driven by Pietro Bordino.  An

important historical note that many people do not know.....The Fiat

806 was the first single seater Grand Prix car. The real car

unfortunately no longer exists, but here is your opportunity to own a

fantastic model of an important car in the the history of automobile


This custom built model is stunningly attractive, quite rare, beautifully

finished, and highly detailed including engine and cockpit with leather

trimmed seat and cord wrapped steering wheel. The body is all metal

as are many components. This model is one that you really need to

view a few times to fully appreciate.

Included is a custom made wood and acrylic display case with

simulated asphalt surface, an engraved plaque and a vintage enameled

Fiat emblem. You will NOT find another 806 model as good as this,

and it is the only one we have.


(photos  19 - 26)

1956 Jimmy Bryan’s Kuzma Dirt Champ car. ‘Dean Van Lines


The 1st USAC National Champion - 1:25 scale

This is a very rare and beautifully built piece with a high level of fine

detailing throughout. The perfectly fitting hood lifts off, fully

exposing a wonderfully detailed Offy engine, and everywhere you

look there are subtle details to take in such as all the suspension

components behind each wheel. Peer into the cockpit and there you

will again be treated to a healthy amount of very accurate detailing.

This is just a great model to have regardless of your collecting

interests, and it is the only one available.....anywhere.

Included is a custom made acrylic display case with simulated dirt

ground surface. Unknown builder, but all made in USA. 


You may place your order by telephone, e-mail, fax or regular mail.

We accept checks, money orders, wire transfers and credit cards:

VISA, Master Card and American Express.

Prices subject to change without notice.